Motorola prepping to launch Android handsets for T-Mobile and Verizon by year's end


At this point, it’s by absolutely no means a secret that Motorola is cracking away at some Android phones. Hell, Android is kind of a big deal for them now. While early details have come in abundance, the finer things — such as a release date for any of the Moto/Android handsets — have been evasive. We still don’t have anything specific, but if these latest rumors pan out, we might have an idea of a launch window.

According to the WSJ‘s very own “people familiar with the matter”, we ought to expect both T-mo and the ol’ VZW to be rockin’ Moto-branded Android phones by the end of the year. T-Mobile will be getting a touchscreen/QWERTY phone with an emphasis on social networking. Verizon’s will sport the touchscreen/QWERTY combo as well, though there’s no mention of its social abilities.

Now, Moto – please do this right. We need a gorgeous Android phone. Don’t let them be dog ugly. Oh, and for bonus points, lets make sure they all work.