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TechCrunch has repeatedly raised the problem of simultaneously collaboration on same documents in online/offline with engagement of traditional (Microsoft Office) desktop and modern online (Google Docs) productivity tools. There are group of companies (like DocVerse, Expresso, OffiSync) that are developing solutions in this area. Recently, this group has been supplemented by a new member – Uprise Apps, coming out of the Ukraine.

Starting from May 2009, the company has offered the “Office In Cloud Integration” – the solution that enables one of the easiest and most native way to elaborate with Google Docs and Spreadsheets inside Microsoft Office Excel/Word 2007. The company is also working on versions for Microsoft Office 2003 and Adobe Acrobat Reader. The final release of entire is planned to the Q4 2009. Also Uprise Apps is preparing the next wave of Content Aggregation solution that lets Microsoft Office users to consume Cloud’s information without leaving nature environment on daily duties. It will significantly increase their competition advantage on a cost effetely basis.

Uprise Apps is founded by the group of entrepreneurs with experience in the Desktop/Cloud integration’s market.
It joins a number of other companies which have come out the Ukraine and got a lot of traction for their apps, for example:

DBbest – Database Migration and Custom Software Development Company (acquired by Microsoft)

InvisibleCRM – Solution for data integration between on-line services and desktop solution (Microsoft Office, IBM Lotus Notes, etc), now have solutions for SaleForce.com, Oracle, EMC, NetSuite, SugarCRM, Deltek

SenderOk – solution for ranking incoming messages by importance and tag “good” mails as VIP, Important, or Routine wit antispam and antifishing functionality in Microsoft Outlook and Browser. The company was presented firstly at TechCrunch50 Demopit 2008.

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  • http://www.oneDrum.com Jasper Westaway

    It’s great to see so many startups in this area.

    At oneDrum we provide sharing of MS Office docs and simultaneous editing (from MS Office, not the browser) between the shared copies.

    We’re in private beta right now, but we’re open for registrations.

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