Serbian mobile startup KlikMee does tags for printed content

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KlikMee is a new mobile startup based out of Serbia a mobile application which allows users to take a picture of a special tag printed on a page and automatically open content on the web using their mobile. Its interesting that this kind of application is appears in Europe, where it’s been pretty commonplace in Asia for quite some time.Your download and use of this application is free (and if you are user of Serbian Telenor, they don’t even charge you GPRS traffic). Also, if you scan the Telenor tag, which you can find in various newspapers, you can download free music for 7 days.

The tag itself is nothing more than a 2D code or an advanced version of traditional barcode. The advantages of the 2d tag is the higher capacity (ie, it can contain more data), it can be scanned even if damaged, and crucially, the tag can be scanned with your mobile phone camera. There are obvious applications for billboards, newspapers ads, and magazines.

  • Alberto

    Tagmore has been working with mobile 2D barcodes since 2007. And did several offline campaigns on newspapers across Europe.


  • Adriatalk

    Thank you for a link. KlikMee is not some revolutionary application, but it is refreshing mobile app for the market in Serbia.

  • MobileBoy

    Hi all,

    Yes, rather nice to see something of a high-tech mobile startup in Serbia! Besides, the platform is quite advanced and has perspectives for innovative services to be built on top! Looking forward to seeing how it progresses!


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