"Portable" USB cooler notebook stand (Thanko strikes again)


One of our favorite crap gadget makers, Tokyo-based Thanko, seems to put a lot of thought into their silly products when summer time nears. Or do you have another explanation for things like the USB cooler keyboard, mouse or necktie? The newest idea: A notebook stand, which is (kind of) portable and sports two fans that are supposed to cool down the user working in the summer heat.

The stand, which in fact Thanko refers to as a desk, comes with three joints for maximum flexibility. And although Thanko promotes the so-called Gorocool 2 as portable, it seems pretty bulky to me. After all, the stand weighs a whopping 12kg. But at least you can enjoy a cool breeze from the fans via USB.


So far, the Gorocool 2 is available only in Japan (where it costs $95), but expect Thanko to list the stand in their English online shop soon.