Review and Giveaway: Razer Sphex mousepad


Quickie: A paper-thin gaming mouse pad that stays in place thanks to a sticky backside and a surface that really does improve mouse tracking. And the Razer Shpex is only $15.

I love this mousepad. So much that I might marry it.

My desk is set at a height that standard gaming mousepads elevate my mouse just enough to cause wrist strain. But this one is is paper-thin and almost becomes part of the desk. There is just a slight difference between the desk’s surface and the pad.

Just last week, I purchased a Logitech G5 gaming mouse. It didn’t impress me that much and my hand hurt from 12 hours of usage. But the Razer Sphex mousepad fixed all my problems. I’m totally happy with the G5 now.

Anyone that’s used a high-quality gaming mousepad knows that they do make a huge difference in mouse tracking versus using your desk’s surface. If you haven’t tried a one, please do not say that your mouse does just fine on your desk alone. There is a night and day difference.

This pad is slightly different than other ones as it’s a large, widescreen-shaped surface. It works great with my dual monitor setup, but some might experience a slight learning curve at first thanks to the shape. It’s also large at 12.5-inches long by 9-inches tall. But because it’s so thin and adheres to the desk’s surface, it really doesn’t matter. It doesn’t get in the way at all.


This pad is totally worth the $15 MSRP. I would even say that it’s worth more than that. At least it is to me as a person that’s always wanted a cool kid’s gaming mousepad, but couldn’t get one to work. This is the best mousepad solution available, in my opinion. Even if you don’t game, but you use your mouse all day long, it’s worth it to spend $15 on this pad.

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Oh yes, you can win one of these mousepads and a 17-inch Razer Laptop Sleeve. All you need to do is drop us a comment below, and tell us why you must have the pair. We’ll pick a winner at random.