Viliv X70 preorder deals announced by Dynamism


Do you want the Viliv X70 UMPC? You should, it rocks. Dynamism is gearing up for the launch of the mobile PC by announcing a special kit for the first 777 preorders. The presale will start on July 6th at 1pm EST so be sure to mark your gCal. The X70’s little brother, the S5, went very fast and this model will probably go quicker.

Peeps that order the 1.2GHz Express model will get upgraded for free to the 1.3GHz model and given a car kit, leather pouch, and a protective film. Likewise, Premium model orders¬†will get an extra battery along with all the other stuff, which all total up to $195. Don’t forget, the presale event starts on July 6th at 1pm EST. We should have our review up by then too.