That Was Quick: Veodia Acquires Screen Capturing Startup ScreenToaster

ScreenToaster, easily one of the best web-based screen recording tools out there, is now in the hands of enterprise video platform provider Veodia. The San Mateo, CA based company – backed by $8.3 million in venture capital – has acquired the former for an undisclosed sum and intends to integrate its offering in its enterprise video SaaS suite later this year.

For Paris-based ScreenToaster’s founders Marco Fucci and Elie Curetti this is a remarkable feat, considering the fact that the startup only launched its service in private beta about 8 months ago. Perhaps its fast growth made Veodia notice the team might be onto something: ScreenToaster claims to have seen 40% month-to-month average growth in its user base since it launched its service publicly. Or it could be the French Connection: Veodia happens to be founded by its current CEO Guillaume Cohen, who hails from France.

Regardless, this acquisition makes sense for Veodia. They can now complement their existing offering, which powers high-quality video services for the likes of Sun Microsystems, BEA and Stanford University, with a rapid way for these organizations to capture more basic screen recordings for product demos, tutorials etc.