@TCEurope is looking for office space in London

Our apologies for this brief intermission in our coverage, but perhaps you can help. TechCrunch Europe is looking for office space in London. Above is a picture of an ideal-sized space we saw recently. It was in the “Silicon Roundabout” area, in the same building as a bunch of tech startups, but someone else took it. As you can see it’s a large space, and the reason we’re interested in this size is because we could hold medium-sized events in it. We’re even looking at the possibility of sub-letting some desks to startups, but nothing is set is stone yet. For now we’re just rattling around London looking at spaces and figuring it all out. Please get in touch if you know any friendly landlords, lettings agents etc with property near Old St, Hoxton, Liverpool St, the West End (ok, we can dream), Southwark/Waterloo, London Bridge or Kings Cross. We’re looking at a blank canvas space which basically has heat and light and not much else (ok, maybe a toilet). We don’t want fancy managed offices. We’re looking for the biggest, cheapest, best located place we can find – especially one where you could have seated events with a projector, as per the photo above. We don’t even need chairs or desks right now, seriously. Just broadband! Contact here.