Really Love Firefox? Skin Your iPhone, Laptop or Even Your Car with Firefox Artwork

Mozilla has teamed with Infectious, a startup that lets users easily customize iPhones, laptops and even cars with high quality stickers of commissioned artwork.

From time to time Infectious works with corporate partners to create custom stickers. Here’s an example of an iPhone with a WordPress theme, for example. We’re also talking to them about designing custom stickers for the CrunchPad.

The Mozilla project brings art from five Infectious artists that you can buy now. iPhone skins cost $15, laptops skins are $30 and car decals are $35. 25% of the proceeds go to the artist and the Mozilla Foundation.

In a couple of weeks Infectious will also open up the project and let any artist submit work. One or more winners will be selected by user voting and input from Mozilla and Infectious, and users will then be able to buy those skins, too.

More info on the Mozilla blog.