Fear Not, U.S. iPhone Fans, The 3.0 Update IS Coming Today

Well, that was a close call. I’ll admit, I was tricked too at first by a link going around on Twitter right now stating that the iPhone 3.0 software’s launch was pushed to tomorrow. It’s an Apple site that lists the launch date for the update as June 18, tomorrow. The only problem is that the site is Apple’s Singapore website, where the update was always scheduled to be released on that date.

If you go to Apple’s actual U.S. website, you’ll see that the launch here is still slated for sometime today. So ignore the tweets that are undoubtedly filing up your screen right now. iPhone 3.0 will be released at some point today — though those hoping for a midnight launch were disappointed — and the iPhone 3G S will be out on Friday. The online pre-order units have already shipped, and are in the U.S., but word is they may still not get delivered until Friday.