The iPhone 3G S Pre-Orders Start Storming The American Beaches — But Will Apple Hold Them Back?

p135Last night, we noted that iPhone 3G S pre-orders started leaving their point of origin in China yesterday, and many had a scheduled delivery date of tomorrow — a full two days before they’re scheduled to hit stores. Today brings more proof of that, as the phones have hit American shores already.

Okay, they’re in Alaska, so not exactly at the local FedEx for many of us. But still, the stated date of delivery on these orders remains tomorrow. So everyone who pre-ordered their’s from a store can commence their bitching. At least until we all find out that AT&T won’t activate these early iPhone 3G Ss until Friday.

Update: It looks like something fishy may be going on. Now people are reporting [protected tweet, sorry] that the delivery date on their phones is disappearing. In the HowardFoums, the conspiracy is starting that Apple may have them held back from delivery until the 19th, the official launch date.


[photo: flickr/karen2020]