MySpace's San Francisco Office Remains Open Despite Reports To The Contrary

Lets nip this one in the bud right away. SFAppeal is reporting that MySpace terminated every employee in its San Francisco office as part of the wider layoffs today.

The report is based on an anonymous MySpace employee who told the site “San Francisco MySpace offices have just been obliterated. (Staff is) all just getting phone calls in silence and staring at each other, one by one. All fired. Even higher ups. One by one.” That statement was interpreted as “we’re told that every San Francisco-based MySpace employee has been laid off this afternoon.”

MySpace won’t comment on whether their San Francisco office remains open (you read that right, they will not answer the question “Do you still have a San Francisco office?”) but other sources close to the company say the office remains open and that layoff rates weren’t materially different than at MySpace headquarters in Los Angeles.

We’ve heard that MySpace will likely close the San Francisco office eventually, but as of now everyone who’s willing to talk says it either isn’t closing or isn’t imminent.