ASUS T91 tablet netbook to hit US retailers soon


If you’ve been holding out for a convertible touchscreen tablet netbook, your wait may soon be over. Asus has put the Eee PC T91 up on its US website. Still no exact pricing or availability info yet, unfortunately, although it’ll apparently be available to retailers sometime this week.


The T91 features an 8.9-inch swiveling touchscreen at what I’d assume to be a 1024×600 resolution, Intel Atom CPU, 1GB of RAM, GPS, and even a built-in TV tuner. Looks like storage options are SSD-only with capacities of up to 16GB, which can be expanded via a secondary 16GB add-on card. It also looks like a 3G connection comes standard along with 802.11n wireless.

ASUS also claims up to five hour battery life, all in a body that weighs just over two pounds. Again, no official word on pricing or availability yet although the T91 is already available in the UK for £449 (about $740). That’s not to say it would cost $740 here, though. I’d guess it’d cost closer to between $500 and $600. We’ll hopefully find out more sometime this week.

Eee PC T91 [ASUS via SlashGear]