SkullyBoom: inflict your music on others while skating or biking

If you like to listen to music while you cruise around on your skateboard or bike, your options are limited — both legally and physically. We saw a directional speaker/flashlight/mp3 player last week that looked handy, but if you want to broadcast your music a little more widely, this little wearable speaker might do the trick. It promises “surprising power,” but I’ll reserve judgment until I actually hear it. It’s only one speaker, of course, so you won’t be getting your music in stereo, but all that really matters is hearing the beat over the wind rush or the rattle of your wheels.

flyingThe best part is that they’re super rugged. If you crash a lot, you probably shouldn’t be riding around anyway, but since you aren’t likely to stop because I told you to, young man, you should at least have an uncrushable music device. Of course, that protection doesn’t extend to your mp3 player, so I’d keep that baby in a case or something. The batteries are supposed to last 3-6 hours (depending on volume, I suppose).

They’ll be $60 when they come out, but act now and you can save, save, save! Half off if you pre-order. That’s a pretty good deal if the SkullyBoom does what they say it does.