Samsung preps the Jet for takeoff

samsungThat’s right folks, Samsung is on fire today. Hot on the heels of the all the other handsets that they’ve rolled out so far, the Jet looks poised to fill in that crucial gap between feature phones and smartphones.

Support for ActiveSync via Microsoft Exchange is huge here, and it means the Jet can sync with your data remotely to make sure everything you need is up to date when you need it. On top of that, multitasking is aided by the beefy 800MHz processor, which Samsung claims makes the Jet “the fastest full touch handset on the market today.”

All of this wouldn’t amount to anything if the interface was lousy, and for better or worse, Samsung is sticking it out with their classic widget-based TouchWiz interface, albeit slightly tweaked. The new TouchWiz 2.0 (original, huh?) interface features new updates like their new 3D media gate UI and smart unlock, which really means nothing until we get to see it in action.

If nothing else, the hardware is looking mighty impressive. Samsung jammed a 3.1 inch WVGA AMOLED display into a pretty tiny package, and let’s not forget the 5 megapixel camera they’ve thrown in for good measure. Integrated GPS, DNSe, and SRS Sound Effect technology round things out, and all in all, it we’re looking at a very solid niche filler. As of yet, there’s no word on pricing or availability, but we can only hope Samsung doesn’t screw things up by pricing it too high for its intended audience.