Portable USB hub features solar charging


Here we have a combination USB hub, rechargeable battery extender, and solar doodad in one. The 2.5- by 2.5-inch square features an internal lithium ion battery that can be charged via sunlight or AC power and then hooked up to your dying cell phone to provide some extra juice on the go.

It’s also a 4-port USB hub, should you need to plug in a bunch of thumb drives as the above photo suggests. The real draw here is the solar recharging, though, and the hub comes with connector tips for Nokia, LG, Samsung, and Sony Ericsson phones, along with a Mini USB connector for Motorola and HTC phones (or anything that charges via Mini USB).

It only costs $20 but there’s no mention of the battery’s actual capacity or how long it takes the sun to charge it up fully.

USB Solar Charging 4-Port Hub [Brando]