First impressions of the Viliv X70


We just unboxed the new Viliv X70 last Friday and spent all weekend with the UMPC. Overall we’re mighty impressed at all this little guy can do for the price. It’s not perfect and has some quirks, but overall it’s a solid package. Our pros and cons after the jump.

What we don’t like:

  • The screen isn’t great outside
  • It doesn’t include a GPS program (MS Streets and Trips 2009 sucks btw)
  • The top left nub is only a four way switch and doesn’t work well
  • There isn’t a good solution for scrolling on webpages
  • It doesn’t playback 720p videos well
  • The 3G modem is sketchy at best

What we like:

  • It feels great in the hand
  • High quality materials
  • Great touchscreen
  • Super fast SSD
  • Takes only 17 seconds to boot WinXP
  • Takes 2 seconds to pop on from standby
  • Quality built-in software pack
  • Alright webcam
  • The on-screen keyboard works better than expected
  • The leather case is high-quality

What we really like:

  • The USB transfer wizard EasySuite¬†integration (hands-on video coming soon)
  • Viewing Google Reader with the screen in portrait mode
  • The $599 starting price via¬†Dynamism.

This isn’t our full review of course. That’s too come in a little bit.