Roland TU-88: Everything you need not to piss of the neighbors with your rendition of Sweet Home Alabama

This small device is a Roland tuner – chromatic, guitar, and bass – with a needle pointed and pitch verification as well as a monitor. This means you can tune your electric instrument and then run it through this box to listen to how things sound on your headphones. It also supports effects pedals chained from the guitar the the monitor and includes a built-in metronome.

Finally, you can mix in outside audio for practice, allowing you to play along to your favorite songs in the quiet comfort of your living room. Because it makes no audible sound you won’t wake up the parents after you get your first real six string at the five-and-dime and you play until your fingers bleed while planning how you and some guys from school will have a band and try real hard but you should know that Jimmy will quit and Jody will get married and you probably won’t get far although that summer will seem to last forever and if you had the choice you’d just want to stay there because those are the best days of your life and there’s no use in complaining when there’s a job to do perhaps at the drive-in where you met her (or him) and you’re on Mama’s porch and she/he told you that they’d wait forever and held your hand because, as you know, it was now or never because those were the best days of your life back in the summer of sixty-nine.

Avialable now.