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Online Furniture Shop MyFab Raises €5 Million In Series B Funding

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Paris-based MyFab has just raised €5 million in a second round, coming from previous investor Alven Capital and led by BV Capital. The total amount invested in the company is now €7 million. MyFab – which is currently available only in French and German – is an interesting e-commerce play in that its mission consists of cutting out all middlemen in the process of consumers buying furniture.

According to the company big furniture brands – particularly those wearing the ‘design’ hat – often outsource the whole manufacturing process of sofas, lamps, etc. to factories in foreign countries and charge ridiculous prices for the end-product compared to the total cost of production. MyFab basically wants to provide a way for people to buy these goods straight from the source, by partnering up with factories from across the globe directly. The startup claims that this strategy can lead to reductions on furniture up to 90% off the average retail price.

MyFab has raised the additional sum to prepare for an international roll-out and also to expand into other verticals e.g. fashion. It currently has about 600 items in stock and works with some 80 employees located all over the world.

  • idont

    Long live to them!!!

    It is also the same for designers’ cloth: D&G jeans for over $300… and made in China…. A shame!

    • http://MyLocator

      a natural language domain name would have made more sense for everyone involved. myfab in the US sounds like a laundry soap company.

      • Curt Hagenlocher

        Laundry soap? I assumed they were a custom silicon foundry…

  • Jon

    I’ve been designing my own stuff for a few years now, it’s nice to see others jumping into the “direct to customer” selling sphere.


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  • vincent

    Now we need a for goods !

  • Jof

    This is one startup I’ve always wanted to do (being from a mass-production engineering background). But then Ponoko decloaked…

  • Rob Murray

    i-Kea ? Sorry. Looks like a great site.

  • rmowery

    Great idea. I had wanted to do something similar but with Amish furniture. Problem is the Amish don’t scale well, so mass demand would have crushed the idea. Also the community I talked with was not keen on the idea since while they would not be directly involved in the tech, they would still be linked to it indirectly.

    Furniture, Jewelery, and eyeglasses are some of the highest marked up items in retail. At least in the US.

    The business landscape is definitely changing and being a middleman is not a good occupation in the future, least not for retail.

    • spanky

      Wow, fascinating. Not!

  • Nicolas Celier (Alven Capital)

    Thanks for the post Robin.

    FYI Alven didn’t lead this round. We were the historical investor, and participated to this round along with BV. We are really pleased to welcome BV Capital on board, they did a great job!

  • Tim

    Congrats to MyFab and Alven for supporting them :-) Really cool stuff!

  • Clayton Bigsby

    Please go read the 1st chapter of The Four Steps to Epiphany.

  • furniture

    Smart but if everyone would start using these kind of companies, many people would lose jobs. Is this just in Europe or it ships to the US? Is it comparable to Ikea? My favorite is modern retro furniture.

  • Fabio De Bernardi

    I have to admit that I can’t work out whether this is a disruptive idea or a business which will be shut down by lawsuits. Now, there are VCs behind them so I guess they’ve hedged their bets on the legal front, but from my understanding myfab is basically copying other companies designs. Designs that are protected by IP rights I imagine… otherwise it’d be too simple! Am I missing something here?
    It’s like buying a replica bag from China – possibly same producer and materials of the original, but illegal anyway.

    • duri

      Furniture design is a profession that dates back…
      WAY back. While there are many nuances, it’s rare that designs can be patented like like tech products.

      Chances are, if you can sit, stand, lay in, on, or by it, someone has thought of it or something very similar.

      Modern manufacturing is adding value, and thats where the bulk of the cost to the consumer should come from.

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  • gonulhecesi


  • ina

    It has no similarity with Ikea. Ikea sells their own products.
    It s a good idea though. Why buy from retailers when u can buy straight from the producer? One thing puzzles me :7 milion dollars invested in it? hm…

    • Ralf Moebius

      Lawsuit in Germany. wants to grab and

    • Ralf Moebius

      Lawsuit in Germany. MyFab wants and

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  • Eriic

    Cutting out the middle man will always save you and the customer money. Here at Mattress Liquidation ( )we are contracted with the manufacturer of Sealy, Simmons and Stearns & Foster to be able to sale directly to the consumer with out having to use a mattress store as they middle man. The end result is huge savings for the customer upwards around 75% over that of a regular discount mattress store. When possible, I think more companies should look into this type of business model.

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