Browser Wars Continue: Apple Claims 11 Million Downloads For New Safari In 3 Days

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Next Week, Opera Claims It Will "Reinvent The Web"

Opera may be reinventing the web next week, but in the meantime the browser wars continue to rage on. Apple has come out with a news release claiming its latest browser, Safari 4, has topped 11 million downloads in the first three days of its release. Surprisingly, it also claims over half of those (or 6 million to be specific) were the Windows version of the program.

Apple continues to tout the speed of its browser, claiming that it loads HTML pages 3 times faster than both Firefox 3 and IE8, and that the new Nitro JavaScript engine executes JavaScript nearly 8 times faster than IE 8 and more than four times faster than Mozilla’s latest browser version. On a related note, Apple also says in the upcoming Mac OS X Snow Leopard release, Safari will run as a 64-bit application, boosting the performance of the Nitro JavaScript engine by up to 50 %.

As Erick has stated before, the discussion regarding which company now markets the fastest browser – I’m sticking to Google Chrome – is irrelevant as long as all of them speed up.

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