Virgin Mobile launches the Samsung Mantra, wins "Most Average Phone of the Year" award


Virgin Mobile’s service plans have their merits, so we’ll forgive’m for the fact that their pre-paid phone line-up is a bit.. underwhelming. Most people who pre-pay don’t give a damn about whether or not their phone triples as a fart machine and a laser level, so we promise: we won’t hate on the Mantra.

The Mantra has just about everything you’d expect out of a $60 phone – in other words, not much. Bluetooth, Internal/External display, and a camera. They don’t mention the resolution/size of the display or megapixel count on the camera, so don’t expect much.

For just $60 bucks and whatever it costs to build a time machine these days, you can be the envy of everyone in 1973.

(Crap, we broke our promise)