Swedish girl drops out of school to play Counter-Strike

Lest you think that youngsters are incapable of making good decisions, please observe Sweden’s Sophie Regner, who just dropped out of high school to play Counter-Strike full time. Well, maybe not full time. Regner, also known as “inzane” when playing Counter-Strike, admits that she spends a lot of time just hanging around with friends.

To her credit, she did quit school to join a professional gaming team called Pink Zinic and she does earn a little extra moolah by “modeling for a friend.” In ten years she’d like to have a family and live in a big house. Her ideal weekend would be to wake up around 1 or 2 in the afternoon, take a shower, play some Counter-Strike, then go out with friends.

If gaming doesn’t work out, I might suggest “professional blogger” as that’s pretty much the standard weekend for most of us — minus the whole “going out with friends” thing. You’re on your own for that one, Sophie. Oh, and the showering thing, too. Showers are for when you leave the house for more than two hours at a time.

[via Kotaku]