Samsung goes official on the WB1000/TL320 digicam

Remember that Samsung digital camera from a few months back with the analog battery and memory card gauges? Well, we finally have all the specs and it’s shipping out next week.

The WB1000 features a 12.2 megapixel sensor, paired with a 24-mm wide angle Schneider-KREUZNACH 5x zoom lens. Samsung also stuffed in a dual optical and digital image stabilizer to help with shaky hands. Plus, the camera can record H.264 720p videos via the 1/2.33-inch CCD sensor.

The backside impresses too with a 480×260 OLED display that will make viewing so much easier in bright areas. Don’t forget about those analog gauges on the top side that displays the remaining battery life and SD storage capacity level. They might have a certain novelty effect, but they are there too.

Crutchfield is listing the camera under the TL320 model name with a ship date of June 18th. The retailer also has a $380 price listed which isn’t all that bad if the camera lives up to it’s specs.