Review: Jabra SP200 Bluetooth speakerphone

Short version: The Jabra SP200 is huge Bluetooth speakerphone with extra large controls and extra loud volume.

Pros: This thing is massive! It’s huge! Look at that thing. My God, it’s big. Some will find the size comforting. It’s built solid and you probably can’t lose it. The buttons are on the same scale too.

The talk button is slightly bigger than a quarter and the volume control wheel is 2-inches wide. The entire thing is 5-inches long, which is one inch longer than my BlackBerry Storm. What I’m saying is that this isn’t a diminutive speakerphone. It’s not something that you can hide away and forget about.

The clip on the back doubles as a desktop stand. Right now I have it on my desk, just waiting for someone to call me. (a rare event) It of course can be hooked onto a sun visor in the car for mobile use.

The large size however does make room for a big, loud speaker. You could hear this thing cruising down the Autobahn in an Audi TT with its top down. The SP200 is by far the loudest speakerphone I have ever heard.

Sound quality is par. It’s not great, but it’s good enough in my book. After all, it’s just a conversation. It’s not like you’re listening to music on the thing.

Cons:This thing is massive! It’s huge! Look at that thing. My God, it’s big. Could they have made it any larger? The reason it’s on my desk is that I found it too big to have in the car. It look strange hanging on my sun visor because it’s so large and my Dodge Magnum isn’t a small car.

I prefer the solar powered LG speakerphone that’s about the size of a credit card and sticks to the windshield via suction cups. You never have to charge it and it’s small.

Wrap-up: This is good speakerphone. Yes, it’s huge but it works well. If you don’t care about the size or plan on using it on your desk, have no fear buying the SP200. Expect to pay around $50 for the Jabra SP200 online.