Don't laugh – Lycos plans a Euro relaunch. Hey, they have Google, OK?

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Lycos, the long forgotten search engine and portal (remember them?), has regained the rights to use the trademarked brand names “Lycos” and “Hotbot” inside Europe. Previously Lycos Europe was a Bertelsmann-Telefonica owned entitiy which operated under license in Europe. Lycos Europe paid $5.2 million in 2007 for this arrangement in fact. But at its AGM on May 31 it ruled that it would to sell the license back to the US Lycos. Still with me?

Jungwook Lim, CEO of Lycos Inc in the US (a subsidiary of Korean Internet giant Daum Communications), says they plan to “revitalize and strengthen our search businesses within Europe…” with, says Edward Noel, General Manager of Search and Business Development “locally targeted content verticals.” Of course, most Europeans have long forgotten Lycos – although it still has small traction in Germany.

But no-one seems to have noticed a small matter. Google is powering their search engine these days. So quite what Lycos thinks it can bring to the party remains a mystery.

  • Steve

    I think that’s what “rolling out over the next several weeks” means – something different than what you are seeing right now. Right?

  • Ian T

    I can see why they’re doing it.

    They do have residual brand awareness, and someone, somewhere will use the site for searches. At even 0.2% penetration of search queries in a european market, I’d be happy to walk the adwords cheque down to the bank, thx very much and they can serve a lot of ads albeit at a crappy CPM. Squillions of ads x crap CPM = respectable cheque. And all they’ve got to do is keep a search engine running and pay the hosting. Easy street.

    I personally wouldn’t go near them after the *woeful* experience of having a Lycos mail account earlier this century, but I’m not the man on the Clapham omnibus. My mum’d use them, and she even clicks on the ads, bless her!

  • Guias Local

    I like the new Lycos. I believe a variety is important.

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