bChamp: The iPhone App That Beatboxes For You

At the TechFellow event on Friday, we had the opportunity to demo a musical mobile app that lets you beatbox on your iPhone. Developed by Dutch startup Monodomo, bChamp is $0.99 at the app store. The video gives you a clearer idea of how the app works.

bChamp will translate sounds you make into the iPhone’s microphone into beatboxing sounds. bChamp will recognizes three beatbox sounds: Snare (say “k” as in “cabbage”), Kickdrum (say “b” as in “bogus”), Hi-Hat (say “t” sound with your teeth closed). When you make those sounds into the microphone, they will be translated into dfferent drum-like sounds. You can also adjust the pitch of your beats by using the app’s interface to change the pitch. bChamp’s app includes some visual graffiti effects.

For $0.99, the app is a simple way for those of us who are challenged in the beatboxing department to pretend that we have some skills. Our demo was particularly effective because the founders of Mondomo hooked the device up to an external speaker. Using headphones or the iPhone’s speaker may not be as much fun when it comes to bChamp’s sound. Other iPhone apps that let you simulate beatboxing sounds include Milky App’s Beatbox Live and BtBx.