Apple's Awesome App Wall Gets Photosynthed

The web has been abuzz lately over Apple’s awesome Matrix-style app wall at WWDC, which displays 20,000 of the platform’s most popular applications in a dense, moving grid. It’s certainly a sight to behold, but while it’s been covered pretty extensively across the web, some iPhone app developers who missed WWDC are still left asking, “I wonder if I’m on there”. Here’s your chance to check.

Developers Andres Douglas and Greg Pascale (who was behind the iSynth application) have taken a whopping 273 photos of the App Wall and used them to build a virtual recreation using Microsoft Photosynth. Photosynth was one of the cooler things to come out of Microsoft Live Labs, allowing users to stich together hundreds (or more) of photos to build virtual worlds out of static photographs.

The Synth works pretty well — you can zoom in and get an up close view of much of the wall so you should be able to check if your app is on there, and zipping through the different zoom levels is fun. But it isn’t quite perfect, as all of the photos were taken using an iPhone’s relatively low resolution camera, and there are some chunks missing.

To remedy this issue, Douglas and Pascale are asking for high-res photos from other developers who attended the conference, which they’ll use to create a much higher quality version of the synth, hopefully with every single application visible on it. If you’ve got photos of the wall, head over to this account and upload your images. Don’t worry if you’ve only taken a shot of a portion of the wall, as Photosynth can stitch pieces from other photos together.

You can find embeds the of the synth on the iSynth website here, or a larger version at the Silverlight Photosynth viewer here.