iPhone 3G S available through AT&T Premier?

iphone1Word on the web is that Apple’s latest and greatest, the iPhone 3G S has been sporadically popping up on AT&T’s Premier business customer site. A few folks on the MacRumors forums have reported spotting it on the Premier customer site as early as yesterday afternoon, and a few users got very close to putting a preorder in, before being rejected right at the very end.

A tipster passed along a few screenshots taken earlier this morning that seem to corroborate what everyone’s been saying. We ourselves have yet to be to able to confirm the veracity of these images – looking at the AT&T Premier site from a different login brings up a teaser image of the 3G S, but nothing but run-of-the-mill 3Gs for sale beyond that. That said, these images look pretty legit, but who are we to judge? Have a look for yourselves and tell us what you think. Either way, it seems like AT&T is gearing up to offer the 3G S through their Premier business portal, but the real question is when?