gdgt Draws 4.7 Million Views During WWDC Keynote. Not Bad For A Site That Hasn't Launched.

gdgt, the new consumer electronics site founded by Peter Rojas and Ryan Block that was first announced in September, hasn’t even launched yet. But it’s already managing to to draw millions of viewers for its coverage of major events, like Apple’s WWDC keynote on Monday, which saw 4.7 million views in less than two hours.

Of course, gdgt’s coverage was no match for that of our own CrunchGear’s, but for the site to already be attracting such a sizable audience is an impressive feat. The small team managed to handle the huge traffic spike using Rackspace’s Cloud services.

The impressive traffic stats aren’t much of a surprise: Rojas and Block have built up large followings during their time running Engadget and Gizmodo, two of the most popular gadget blogs. Up until now gdgt has primarily consisted of weekly podcasts from Rojas and Block, and we still don’t know what form the final site will take. It sounds like we’ll find out soon though — tucked away at the end of the WWDC live blog is a note that gdgt will finally be launching in the next few weeks.