Facebook Vanity URLs: Journalists Don't Have To Wait In Line

Friday night is the Facebook vanity URL landrush (first reported on May 31, announced yesterday officially). At 9:01 pm PST on Friday, just log into Facebook and grab the name you want before someone else does.

While the masses (that’s you) will be fighting for that perfect name on Friday night, some lucky few people won’t need to bother waiting in line. Facebook employees have already grabbed theirs (taking Facebook.com/Mike, which is what I wanted). And apparently “key journalists” won’t have to wait in line, either.

In an email today, Facebook told me “We wanted to let you know that we decided to reserve usernames for the key journalists and outlets we work with. Look out for an email from someone on the communications team with more details.” Other writers here at TechCrunch got the same email.

I feel sort of bad about posting this, since Facebook is actually doing us a favor. But I also think it’s kind of BS that Facebook is giving some people, employees included, first shot at the names. My guilt only extends so far, though. You suckers wait in line. I’m grabbing my name in advance.