Round-up: Every iPhone 3G S Compatible Accessory Ever.

When Apple announced the iPhone 3G S yesterday, some folks were shocked — or disappointed, even — that the new one was a spitting image of the last one. Width, height, depth – besides being 2 whole grams heavier, the physical specs were a perfect match.

We’ve been reminded of this fact roughly 300 times this morning, as every case manufacturer and battery-pack maker from here to Hong Kong writes in to “announce compatibility with the iPhone 3G S”. We get it, guys. Nothing changed, so your case still fits.

That said, it got us to thinking: what other accessories from the last generation iPhone will still work with this upcoming one? So, we compiled a list. It’s not exhaustive, of course – but it covers all of the ones you’re most likely worried about.

Accessory #1: Desks

Go place your iPhone on the desk in question. Now, place two regular-sized paperclips on your desk (as each weighs about a gram). If your desk didn’t fall apart: Congratulations! Your desk is now “Made for the iPhone 3G S” certified.

(If your desk did fall apart, your desk sucked. You’re welcome.)

Accessory #2: Your hand


You like your hands. Sure, they’re not perfect; they get a bit sweaty at times, and you’re fairly sure you’ve heard at least one person mention that your fingers resemble sausages. But for the most part, they’re good hands. You’ve had them pretty much your whole life. Do you really want to have to upgrade?

Fear not – you won’t have to. Your old hands will do just fine. We haven’t done a hands-on with the 3G S yet, but from our experiences with the 3G any standard hand model will do.

Accessory #3: Pant pocket

Next time someone asks “Is that an iPhone 3G S in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?”, you can proudly say “HAHAHAHAHAHA! It’s an iPhone 3G S!” and then give them a high five for their originality. Better yet, never speak to that person again.

The same, unfortunately, can’t be said for most pairs of ladies pants. If, like my girlfriend’s pants, your pockets are only big enough to hold 83 cents in change and a few hair pins, you’re still out of luck. This also holds true if you’re a dude who wears ladies pants.

Can you think of any more accessories that ought to play friendly with Apple’s upcoming release? Let us know in the comments below.