Pre root image leaks with recovery tool

hackmeIt was bound to happen eventually: the recovery tool used by, presumably, Palm and Sprint employees to breathe life into dead Pres has leaked onto the internets — I’m thinking maybe some techno-Robin Hood did it and jacked a copy of Snow Leopard on the way. Included with the tool is a full root copy of webOS. Inconceivable!

While this doesn’t mean anything for the lay Pre-user at the moment, it does mean that enterprising developers can start rifling through Palm’s code and perhaps finding unfinished or locked features (what Java VM?). Pretty soon I expect that you’ll be seeing hacked ROMs to flash with enabling buggy and weird apps, interface items, and so on.

You can download it if you want, but at the moment there’s very little you can do with it unless you’re an experienced coder… you know, like me. I’m super experienced.