Japan finishes its enormous Gundam statue

This 20-meter (~60ft) tall giant robot was sort of creepy and profound when it was just legs, but now it is complete and only awesomeness remains. Because giant robots (Gundams in particular) have been so influential in Japanese pop culture, they felt a statue was in order. If I remember correctly, it shoots mist and light from various places on its…armor — thus making it the eighth wonder of the world.

Lots of pictures here: part 1 and part 2. (56k warning) (heh heh)

This colossal tribute to unabashed nerdery is in Odaiba in Tokyo, but only until August 31st. At that point, nobody knows what’s going to happen. Will it be destroyed? Will it take off? Will it just be moved somewhere nicer? In any case, I’m glad there are about a billion pictures of it, since I’m not going to be in Tokyo any time soon.

[via Danny Choo and The Daily What]