CrunchDeals: Ultrasone headphones 40% off

You may remember the Ultrasone headphones we’ve reviewed occasionally here on CrunchGear. Well, if the pair you were looking at was just a little bit above your pay grade, now’s your chance to get some for almost half off. The HFI-680, HFI-2200, PRO 550, PRO 2500 and DJ1 PRO headphones are all going for 40% less than they were a week ago, and you’ve got the rest of June to take advantage of it.

I can’t speak for the other headsets, but the HFI-680 is one grade above the HFI-580 that I listened to, and they were a great pair of headphones. If you’re mainly interested in listening to music and don’t need stuff like surround sound or a microphone, then Ultrasone is a good choice. I thought that the 580s were great but a little pricey; and now that you can get the next model up for far less money, that’s no longer an issue. The original price of $250 gets dropped to $150 — that’s some serious savings, sister.

There’s more info at Ultrasone’s site, of course, but if you just want to dive in, the store is here.