30cm: The world's biggest cell phone strap is a cute husky


Japanese telecommunications giant SoftBank is currently running a summer marketing campaign [JP], using gift certificates, coupons and (almost certainly) the biggest cell phone strap on the planet to attract customers. The strap, a stuffed husky standing 30cm tall, is limited to 30,000 units.

SoftBank is very well known in Japan for their weird marketing efforts, including a family that stars in all TV commercials for the company and has said husky as the father (this is also the way they sell the iPhone over here). This specific campaign ends on August 31.


In the TV spot you can see below the sister of the family (Japanese super star Aya Ueto) says carrying the strap around gave her so many muscles that she is now able to lift up her brother without any problems.

Bonus: Squeeze the dog’s tail and it will say “Stop touching my tail.”
Via MSN Japan [JP]