Defcon founder named to Homeland Security Advisory Council


Kudos to the Obama Administration for hiring Jeff Moss, of Defcon fame. The Defcon founder is now a part of the Homeland Security Advisory Council. He’ll report directly to Janet Napolitano, the Secretary of Homeland Security.

Now, what’s a man like Jess Moss doing in the highest levels of government? Well, how many times have you heard and/or read something akin to, “Man, the government needs to hire a hacker or something, that’s the only way they’ll catch bad guys and stuff.”? That’s just what happened. (Though there are haters, including someone who called Moss “as corporate as hiring someone out of Microsoft.”)

I guess it’s not surprising to see the government recognize cyber security as just another part of national security. There’s a “cyber czar” in the works, and now the Pentagon is becoming bullish on “cyber war” and all that.

Also: The movie Hackers, while it has a fantastic soundtrack, is utter rubbish. And I’m not even saying how unrealistic it is, just that it’s a piece of junk.