Using your iPhone as a photography accessory

iphone_photographerPhotography is an expensive hobby. Between special lights, making sure your color balance is set right, and never mind the camera, you can spend thousands of dollars on expensive equipment, all to make sure you get that one perfect shot. Now, the clever programmers at Pixelexip have come up with a way you can use your iPhone to make some of those tasks easier (and less expensive).

The first one is “GrayCard“. Anyone who studies photography seriously will tell you that white balance is critical to taking a good picture. This more useful of the two applications allows you to adjust your white balance to more accurately reflect the lighting conditions you are shooting in.

The other application is “Lightsource” which is slightly less useful in my opinion. Lightsource supplies you with, well, a light source that is selectable based on your needs. The options include some common sources like tungsten, halogen, sunlight, and some more esoteric choices like blacklight or candle. The drawback with this application is unless you are doing some macro photography, the iPhone really doesn’t put out enough light to make this application useful. I will admit however, I’m intending to pick both of these applications up myself for use in product shots. I’ll try to let you know what I think of them later.

Both applications are available via the iTunes application store, for $0.99 each.

[via Gear Live]