Garmin might finally launch the Nuvifone this month

When the Garmin Nuvifone was first announced, it was truly interesting. A GPS-centric handset made by one of the world’s leading GPS manufacturers? Awesome! That was a year and a half ago.

Just when we were starting to get the inkling that this thing had gone the way of Duke Nukem Forever, Garmin has come out and given it a launch date – sort of. In a shareholder’s call today, Garmin COO Cliff Pemble said that we ought to see this things hit the open market in Asia sometime this month, and that a US carrier launch is “getting very close”.

It seemed risky at first – but now it just seems like the sun has set on this little venture. What was interesting a year and a half ago now seems dated and fairly silly. Is anybody out there still interested in this guy? Please do tell why in the comments.