Attack of the 43-inch curved screens

Am I crazy, or did NEC and Alienware just unveil the same thing? Alienware’s original curved monitor, which we saw at CES last year, had some issues which have since been resolved, but was their hand forced by NEC’s announcement? At $8000 the NEC one isn’t going to be making into a lot of homes, but is this one any different? Well, it’s made by Ostendo and they’re launching via Dell, so it can’t be the exact same hardware, although they do share a size, resolution, brightness, and contrast. Verrry suspicious.

The differences are subtle: the Ostendo one is significantly narrower (32.5cm vs 50cm), which suggests a less-extreme curvature. Let’s hope there’s a less subtle difference in price. I’d love to get my hands on one of these, though — or maybe two.