Old-school USB vacuum is tiny, really works

USB vacuum

Please observe a fully-working, tiny USB-powered retro vacuum cleaner. It looks cool! Hope you live in the UK, though, as this £7.99 ($13) bit of fun costs a whopping £33.00 ($55) to ship to the US. If you simply must have the best in tiny USB-powered vacuum cleaners, though, you won’t let a $55 shipping charge stand in your way.

For the rest of us, let us merely gaze upon the USB Retro Vacuum from Gadgetshop.com with an approving grin. It stands eight inches tall and features a 45-inch cord so you can really get around to all the nooks and crannies on your desk. Though, as Gadgetshop warns, “don’t expect to do the office stairs with it.” Your office has stairs? Maybe you can afford the $55 shipping charge after all. Mine just has clutter, heartbreak, and empty energy drink cans.

USB Retro Vacuum [Gadgetshop via technabob]