Google Goes After Celebrities With iGoogle Showcase

Twitter’s not the only social platform to have a celebrity fetish. Google is bringing out its inner obsession with celeb users by launching iGoogle Showcase, which allows you to see and share the homepages of your favorite celebs. The current site showcases iGoogle homepages from celebs such as Rachael Ray, Al Gore, and Katie Couric. The showcase also highlights web celebs like Kevin Rose, Arianna Huffington, and Seth Godin.

The iGoogle Showcase lets you copy your favorite celeb’s iGoogle page to your own, or browse through the collection and choose different gadgets and themes to include from varying pages. Some celebs have created customized gadgets that you can embed. For example, Ryan Seacrest’s gadget lets you keep up with all the latest entertainment news. Donald Trump’s gadget offers advice to entrepreneurs, Martha Stewart shares recipes and tips, and Anderson Cooper delivers headline news and extras from his CNN show AC360.

iGoogle also recently added video game themes, more social gadgets and may be releasing a new, more social version.

Martha Stewart’s iGoogle page is featured above.

Here’s Ashton Kutcher’s iGoogle homepage:

And here’s Donald Trump’s home page: