Go Bing Yourself, Right Now

It doesn’t have quite the same ring to it as go Google yourself, but now you can go Bing yourself. (Then again, Google took a few years to become a verb.). Bing, Microsoft’s latest effort to compete in search, is now live on a “preview” site. The key thing to pay attention to is the guided search assistance on the left and the different experiences for the travel, images, video, maps, news, and shopping tabs.

A few things to try:

  • An ambiguous Web search: “turkey” (do you want images, recipes, facts, or a map of the country? The topic guides in the left explore pane will help you narrow your search).
  • A travel search: “SFO to JFK”
  • Video search: “Simpsons” (hover over the thumbnail to play the video)
  • Image search: “Rollercoasters” (notice the infinite scroll).
  • A health search: “Sore throat”
  • Shopping: “Digital SLR” (sort by price or brand, get average ratings and CashBack).
  • Maps: “BBQ” (automatically knows what city you are in and offers up geo-appropriate results).
  • News Search: “Bing” (what else?)

Check it out. Try a few searches and then tell us in comments if you will ever go back.