Twitter Goes Down, Spymaster Makes Fun Of Them

Yes, Twitter is down. Yes, again. Yes, they’re looking into it. Yes, this is another Twitter post. But, I come bearing gifts. Spymaster, the somewhat controversial and addictive Twitter-based game obviously doesn’t work nearly as well when Twitter is down. In fact, it doesn’t work at all. The creators have made a fun little Fail Whale graphic of their own, indicating the the game will be down until Twitter comes back up.

“The Directorate can’t assassinate the failwhale,” the message on the site reads. Funny, but this is a serious problem for a growing number of services that are built using Twitter as their backbone. Even FriendFeed looks like a ghost-town right now with no Twitter messages coming in.


Update: And after about an hour of downtime, they’re back.

Update 2: Twitter has blamed the downtime on a “fatal software error.” Despite saying it’s now fixed, the service is down again.

Update 3: It’s kind of up again, sort of, maybe. Might I suggest a list of alternative things to do once again?