CrunchDeals: Roomba 535 for $150


If you’re a stickler for clean floors (note: I am not) but you can’t afford a live-in maid to clean them every day (note: I can not) and you’re not afraid of robots (note: I am, deathly) then perhaps you need a Roomba. has the iRobot Roomba 535 for $149.99 with $5 shipping. That, my friends, is an excellent deal as this unit goes for $250 and up just about everywhere else. This is a new unit that Woot’s selling, too, not a refurb.

The 535 comes with a recharging station so it’ll clean the floor and then find its way back to said station when it’s all done. It also comes with a “Virtual Wall Lighthouse” which is a little base unit you put on the floor next to a doorway to keep the Roomba in a certain room while blocking off other areas of your house.

iRobot Roomba 535 []