USB Ninja Star Shuriken transforms geeks into killing machines


Are you a geek? Do you like Martial Arts movies? Have you ever secretly dreamed of being a Ninja? Are you not afraid of embarassing yourself, like, ever? Then Tokyo-based crap gadget maker Solid Alliance (which strives to become a Thanko competitor) has something unique for you: A shuriken [JP] (ninja star) for your USB port.


The USB Ninja Star retails for about $100 in Japan and holds 2GB of memory. It’s compatible to Windows XP/Vista and Mac OS X, but totally unsuitable for notebooks the way I see it (at least if you don’t use a USB hub).


Geek Stuff 4 U already offers it for every potential Ninja living outside Nippon (for $109.20+shipping). Buy it and you know what you can do next time someone annoys you while you sit in front of your computer.