Pentax K-7 sample video and image bonanza

With a handful of beta K-7s in the wild, sample images and videos are starting to trickle in from various parts of the world, including Korea, China, Russia, Germany and even my home state of Oregon. I suggest viewing the originals rather than the compressed versions that I’ve used in the post.

The first image (JPEG) comes from Russia of some beautiful water lilies shot at ISO 200.


The following two images (RAW+) come from Germany and were both shot at ISO 200. You can grab the RAW files here after signing up.

woba6238Download the original here

woba6244Download the original here

A batch of photos from the same individual that first stirred up the K-7 rumors has the most interesting photos but there’s no EXIF data. The nighttime shot looks good, but there’s no way of knowing for sure.

imgp0045_resize_txtHigh res (800×531)

Other samples from the dpreview forums can be seen here.

The first video comes from Korea and was uploaded to YouTube by a Pentax Forum member. The original file can be viewed here. Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t see much jello effect going on.

And the following is some footage taken in Astoria, Oregon. Dave isn’t around to tell me exactly where it is, though.

via Pentax Forums