NEC shows off 1.5-pound netbook


NEC has appeared to hit all the right notes with its VersaPro Ultralite VS netbook — high-resolution 1280×768 10.6-inch screen, 1.86GHz Atom Z540 CPU, just over an inch thick, and a seemingly-impossible weight of just a pound and a half. NEC unfortunately missed the “netbooks are supposed to be cheap” memo, as this little guy will be selling for over $1800.

Looks like it’ll be a Japan-only affair, too, unless it gets imported to a site like Dynamism. As for thickness, the machine is .62 inches thick at its thinnest point and then gets up to 1.17 inches at its thickest. Memory maxes out at 1GB and models will be available with Vista Business or XP. Battery life is slated at around four hours with the standard pack and between 7-8 hours with an optional extended battery.

Again, we’ll probably never see it here in the US but at least it shows what’s possible if you’re willing to drop a big lump of cash on a netbook in the short term (it’ll be available in Japan at the end of July) and possibly what we’ll see in the next year or two at more affordable prices once everyone else catches up.





UltraLite Type VS (Translated) [NEC via Engadget]