Microsoft's Bing Logo Leaked By Way Of Favicon?

12Within the next few days, Microsoft is expected to unveil its latest attempt at trying to be a player in the world of web search. After it has failed to get any traction against Google, it will apparently launch a new engine called “Bing” — the project formerly known by its working title “Kumo.” This should be unveiled at the D conference which starts today in Carlsbad, CA — but it looks like Microsoft may be giving us a peak at the logo a tad early.

While it appears that Microsoft may have already taken it down, I visited in my browser about 10 minutes ago and sure enough saw the favicon you see above. It’s a lowercase “b” with a yellow/orange dot in the middle. It would appear that this will be at least a part of the Bing logo. The light blue and yellow/orange color combination matches that of Kumo. I find that combination to be quite ugly — sort of like the Cleveland Cavaliers basketball uniforms (below) from the 1990s — but hey, that’s just personal taste. All that really matters is now the search engine actually performs.

This favicon, which again, may only be a part of the logo, also looks a lot like the logo for Blinkx, the video search engine. That features a red lowercase “b” with an eye in the middle. See them side-by-side below.

Microsoft is spending some $80 to $100 million on a marketing campaign for Bing, according to Ad Age. That’s huge by any standard, but especially when you consider that Google only spent $25 million on all of its marketing last year. I don’t know what Microsoft plans to spend all that money on, but I get the sneaking suspicion that Bing Crosby will be involved in some way or another.



[thanks DD]