Best Buy to get new Sony PS3 SKU, not what you think

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Well, it’s not the news we were expecting but it looks like Best Buy will be getting a new PS3 bundle a week after E3. Already in the BB database is a limited edition 80GB PlayStation 3 bundle that includes two yet to be announced games.

While we all expect a price drop at some point this year from Sony I doubt this is it. Set for a June 9th release, the new bundle will retail for $399, which is what the system currently costs sans games. Let’s not jump to any conclusions, but Sony could be doing away with stand alone SKUs and just offering a bundle or they could just be dropping the price of a “bare bones” bundle as Joystiq suggests.

In any case, we’ll be in LA next week at E3 where we hope Sony does right by the consumer.

via Joystiq

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