All-electric Jetski goes 50mph, is whisper quiet

It’s oddly wonderful to see a Jetski darting about in the water accompanied only by sporadic splashing sounds instead of the constant whine of a gasoline motor. The “Eco Watercraft” is an all-electric Jetski that can apparently go up to 50 miles per hour on a battery that lasts three hours in between charges.

Aside from what’s seen in the above video, there’s not a whole lot of information about this machine except for some light marketing jargon on the company’s website. Pricing and availability are nowhere to be found, but the demo unit that’s being driven around in the video appears to work pretty well. It sort of seems like the company’s still getting started up, according to the “Mission” page on the site:

EcoWatercraft will be the first American personal watercraft corporation. Additionally, we will be the first all electric personal watercraft manufacturer. We will employ Americans to build our ECO’s in a facility that is 100% powered from renewable sources of energy.

Pretty cool idea. If they can price these things relatively affordably, waterways everywhere might soon be a bit quieter and cleaner.

[via TreeHugger]